Snowscoot Jykk

Snowscoot Jykk

Snowscoot Jykk 70

Snowscoot Jykk 70
Available at WinterSport4all

The Snowscoot Jykk 70 is the ultimate freestyle model, developed by the international riders of the Jykk team: Nico Pillin, Dusan Antalik and Antoni Villoni. Designed with a 70-degree frame angle, it’s ideal for snowpark fun and tricks. The speed and responsiveness of the Jykk 70 are highly appreciated by freestyle riders, making it the ideal model for world-class competitions.


  1. There’s plenty of space between the handlebars and the body.
  2. It’s easier to perform tricks involving frame and fork rotation.
  3. Taller people will feel less self-conscious and find the model easier to master.
  4. It’s very controllable, sliding turns are easier to execute and the ride is very direct.
  5. The Snowscoot 70 comes with the Board X-1, the ideal boards for freestyle snowscooting.
  6. leash included.

Technical data :

  • Available colors: Opaque black, Opaque gold, Opaque green
  • Frame: A6061 Aluminum
  • Fork: A6061 Aluminium, O-shape Plate
  • Headset: Integrated headset (1-1/8″)
  • Handlebars: CrMo 8.0 inches
  • Stem: 45 mm extension
  • Angle: 70.0° degrees steering angle
  • Board width: 186 mm wide
  • Boards: X-1, ABS fields, wood core, P-TEX sole
  • Flex: Hard.
  • Weight: 9.3kg

Snowscoot jykk one D

Snowscoot Jykk One D
Available from WinterSport4all

The Snowscoot Jykk ONE-D is the basic model from the manufacturer Jykk. It was developed to make snowscoot riding and learning easier. It is considered to be the easiest model for beginners to handle.

It’s equipped with the « SAS » (Smart Attach system), a board-binding system that allows you to mount and dismount your board very quickly, which is handy if you want to make your snowscoot more compact and put it in a carrying case when you’re on the move.

The ONE-D snowscoot comes with the G-one board set. Should the ONE-D model no longer suit you in the future, you can adapt it to your needs and take it to the next level by replacing the boards with a more advanced range. The frame is constructed from the same aluminum used for racing bikes, making it strong and light.

Technical data:

  • Available colors :
  • Frame: Aluminium A6061
  • Fork: A6061, Aluminum H-Platform
  • Integrated headset: Integrated (1-1 / 8″)
  • Handlebars: Steel-Ten steel 7.75″
  • Stem: 45 mm extension
  • Steering angle: 67.5° degrees
  • width: 186 mm
  • Board: G-One CAP, wood core, P-TEX sole
  • Flex: Medium
  • Weight: 8.7kg

The history of Japanese manufacturer JYKK

Skiing, the ancestor of winter sports, took its first steps in Japan over 100 years ago. 80 years later, in the 90s, the snowscoot finally saw the light of day thanks to the invention of Franck Petoud. The following year, French manufacturer Sunn began marketing the snowscoot.

In 1996, several years after Sunn’s launch, large-scale snowscoot production began in earnest on the Japanese market. Snowscoot products were imported and sold by the « Snowscoot Japan » company, followed the next year by « Jick Japan ».

By the early 2000s, snowscoot popularity was on the rise, and the number of
faced with this growing demand, Franck Petoud (the inventor of the snowscoot) decided to launch the Insane Toys brand in France to continue snowscoot production.

In Japan, Jick Japan changed its name and launched the Jykk Snowscoot brand to develop high-quality products made in Japan, and Jkk Snowscoot was born. 20 years later, Jykk Snowscoot continues to take up challenges, innovate their models and improve the quality of their snowscoots.

Check out the Jykk website for new products and news.

If you’d like to discover other snowscoot brands, take a look at :

  • BlackMountain (this manufacturer is credited with inventing the suspended snowscoot)
  • Eretic (a brand that manufactures snow scooters)
  • Insane Toys (the brand behind the snowscoot)
  • Snowbaar (A Czech manufacturer that makes snowscoots from A to Z)
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