Snowscoot Insane Toys: The origin of the snowscoot

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Snowscootdoc is a company run by a snowscoot enthusiast, who took over from the iconic Insane Toys brand (created by Franck Petoud in the 90s). Committed to supporting its customers, whether beginners or experts, here are their different models and their characteristics:

Snowscoot Insane Toys Carving

The Insane Toys Carving model has a structure and shape that can stand up to any test. For over 10 years, we’ve been working on this model to give it strength and rigor. However, Insane Toys, the manufacturer behind the snowscoot and a pioneer in this market, continues to improve this model year after year.
In 2023, it’s not only lighter, wider and taller, it’s also even better.
As a result, the Carving model is easier to handle when changing direction in turns, and performs much better at high speeds.
Delivered with EASY-2023 boards.
This latest-generation snowscoot is designed for the world’s best riders and novices alike, enabling users to :

  • go from piste to off-piste with ease (it’s just as comfortable in powder as on ice)
  • have fun in the Carvings
  • stay at the front of the scooter, to maintain a suitable speed and avoid sinking into the powder
  • change direction easily
  • be very stable for the rider

Snowscoot Insane Toys Carving Powdery

Develop your originality with the Insane Toys Carving Powdery. specially designed for powder snow, and enjoy its performance on the slopes. With its 2-meter length and slender stance, you’ll feel comfortable and secure. Slightly more responsive than the X-lite frame, this is the Insane Toys snowscoot par excellence for slaloming between trees in the snow at full speed.

Snowscoot Insane Toys Carving Fat

With over thirty years’ experience, Insane Toys, the manufacturer behind the snowscoot, has the widest range on the market, and always at the best prices. The Carving FAT snowscoot, equipped with the latest FAT2023 boards, is the ultimate freeride snowscoot.

Isane Toys Carving Derby snowscoot

snowscoot insane toys carving easy

Enter another dimension with the Insane Toys Carving DERBY 2023 snowscoot equipped with DERBY2023 skates, for speed professionals and thrill-seekers. Designed from the outset for competition, its preferred terrain is the track. Even at high speed, you’re in control of your steering, and can even change your trajectory and adjust your turns as you please. Reaching extreme speeds, it requires a certain mastery and knowledge of snowscooting.

Isane Toys Carving Easy snowscoot

The Insane Toys Carving Easy snowscoot is the ideal model for lovers of precision and dynamism.

Snowscoot Isane Toys Carving Serie

With the Insane Toys Carving Serie snowscoot, you’re free to take to the slopes. It’s a versatile model for any rider. This set is for riders who want to do both on- and off-piste.

Snowscoot Insane Toys X-lite

Serie, as its name suggests, is all about lightness. Increase the stability of your X-lite and your ability to go off-piste with this Insane Toys kit.

Snowscoot Insane Toys X-lite Serie

snowscoot insane toys x-lite serie

Increase the stability of your X-lite and the possibility of getting off the slopes with the Snowscootdoc proposal of this Insane Toys X-lite and boards SERIE set. Offering snowscoots at the best price/quality ratio is what your favorite online store is all about. The Xlite is the snowscoot for lovers of flexibility and stability.

Insane Toys X-Lite Powdery snowscoot

Snowscoot Insane Toys X-Lite Easy Powdery

The Insane Toys X-LITE Easy Powdery snowscoot comes with its X-lite 2023 frame, complete with POWDERY2023 boards. This set has its raison d’être in powder snow, but it will also impress you on the slopes with its ease of handling.

Snowscoot Insane Toys X-Lite Powdery Easy

snowscoot insane toys x-lite easy

The Insane Toys X-Lite Powdery Easy snowscoot with EASY2023 boards. This combination of X-lite 2023 frame and EASY boards offers a simple, effective solution. You won’t have to think twice when you go from on-road to off-road. The whole package is a blend of stability and maneuverability for its rider. This snowscoot configuration is absolutely suitable for all riders.

Snowscoot Insane Toys X-Lite Renter

Snowscoot Insane Toys X-Lite Loueur

The Insane Toys X-LITE snowscoot is the snowscoot for riders looking for flexibility and stability. Reinforced, if you are a rental company, it will be your ally for a stress-free rental during the ski seasons.

Snowscoot Insane Toys M Blue

Snowscoot Insane Toys M Bleu

The blue Insane Toys M snowscoot is specially designed for smaller riders by Insane Toys, the brand behind the snowscoot. Its lightness and maneuverability make it the ideal partner for your winter vacations.

Snowscoot « Le 21

snowscoot 21

The snowscoot 21, part of the suspension family, stands out for its ease and comfort of use. After 10 years in the making, five-time world champion Bruce Rulfo has come up with a modern version of his concept.
Affordable for beginners to the most experienced riders, it’s the only suspended snowscoot on the market to retain its dynamism and precision.

If you’d like to see other snowscoots and find out more, please visit SnowscootDoc.

The Insane Toys story

logo Insane Toys

Insane Toys was born in Switzerland in 1990, when Franck Petoud (a snowboard and bmx enthusiast) was stranded in his Swiss chalet during a snowstorm, and had the brilliant idea of sawing up his snowboard and attaching the boards to the frame of his scooter. He didn’t know it yet, but he had just invented the snowscoot.

With a patent in his pocket, he was convinced that his idea would revolutionize the world of snow sports, so he went to see Max Commençal (CEO of the Sunn bike brand). Enthralled by the project, Max Commençal agreed to help him in this adventure, on condition that he took charge of manufacturing the snowscoots under his own brand name.

The first models saw the light of day that same year. The partnership between these two men led in 1996 to the creation of a Snowscoot Department and related products within the company, where Max and Franck now work under patent license. The Sunn company grew rapidly and spectacularly.

1998 After the unjustified dismissal of CEO Max Commençal, the company began to experience serious financial problems, and despite numerous world championship titles in cycle racing, was forced into receivership in 1999. The « Snowscoot Department », on the other hand, was doing well, with sales in dozens of countries.

Sunn’s new management had little interest in the snowscoot, which prompted Franck Petoud to create his own brand, now based in Switzerland, giving the name « SNOWSCOOT » and then creating his own identity under the brand name« INSANE TOYS« . The Snowscoot is legally protected by 3 patents, 2 models and 2 trademarks. The Snowscoot brand name belongs to its inventor, but can be used by non-profit sports associations to promote it at events or competitions. In 2016, Snowscootdoc bought out the Insane Toys brand and took over the lineage. Today, it is one of the leading players in the French snowscoot market.

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