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Snowscoot Eretic: The freestyle snow scooter

Snowscoot Eretic

Eretic is a new French snowscoot brand created by one of the leading manufacturers of freestyle scooters. The company has acquired expertise and experience thanks to numerous projects that have contributed to the evolution of this discipline. 5 years of preparation and testing to adapt a scooter to snow-covered slopes.

Following in the footsteps of the Micro Black Ice, the Eretic is different in its handling, thanks to a fork that pivots from front to back to facilitate grip in turns, and its lightness.
This snowscoot is perfect for freestyle riding, or simply for getting around town – as long as there’s snow.

The snowscoot’s passion for freestyle scootering has been at the heart of many of Eretic’s projects since the early days of winter sports, such as French ID, Addict, Ethic DTC, and many others. Over the years, they’ve acquired real expertise in how to make a freestyle scooter with good feel, that steers and controls the way the rider wants it to.

As mountain lovers, the idea of bringing the sensations of scootering to the snow had been in the back of their minds for years, so that the ride would never end. Eretic began designing prototypes over five years ago, evolving step by step each year, but now the time has come to make this passion accessible to as many people as possible.

The result is a snowscoot that’s lighter than anything else on the market, perfectly maneuverable on any type of surface, easy to steer and with exhilarating freestyle potential.
This new way of riding is just as much for extreme scooter riders as it is for people who want to have fun on snow-covered ski slopes and enjoy this new feeling of freedom. The eretic snowscoot is inexpensive compared with a conventional snowscoot, and is also available for hire at many ski resorts.

Snowscoot Eretic presentation video
  • Pivoting handlebars: Pivoting handlebars for improved maneuverability and freestyle tricks.
  • Materials: The best materials have been chosen: Alu 6061 T6 and 4130 cr heat-treated.
  • Size: Bar height: 680 mm / Bar width: 600 mm / Plate width: 130 mm
snowscoot eretic
  • Tested and approved: Professional pilots appreciate its lightness (4.9 kg) compared with snowscoot (15 kg).
  • Interchangeable parts: All eretic snowscoot parts are easy to replace.
  • Designed by renowned freestyle scooter engineer Kevin Demay

Snowscoot Eretic Powder


The Snowscoot Eretic Powder is the snow scooter par excellence if you’re looking for thrills and freestyle tricks. This model of snow scooter is specially designed for off-piste descents in powder snow. The eretic Powder snowscoot features a deck made of 6061 T6 aluminum, a high-quality material selected for its robustness. This deck is mounted on two Radius skis, wider than the SLOPE model for off-piste descents. The front ski measures 190cm x 430cm, and is shorter and narrower than the rear ski, to ensure perfect maneuverability. The rear ski measures 19cm x 640cm, offering more surface area and stability for greater speed downhill. The Chromoly fork is a rigid version, designed in steel to withstand any impact. The handlebar pivot has been redesigned to keep the front ski flat on the snow. The bar is also made of Chromoly steel (720mm x 620mm), to offer greater resistance to shocks and landing jumps and tricks. The snowscoot is equipped with the Torx Lock system, which locks the handle grips for optimum riding comfort.

Technical data :

  • Weight: 5.630 kg
  • Front ski: 19cm x 43cm
  • Rear ski: 19cm x 64cm
  • Bar height: 72cm
  • Bar width: 62cm
  • Deck length: 58cm
  • Deck width: 14cm
  • Deck angle: 81° degrees
  • Compression system: HIC
  • Material: Aluminium 6061 T6 / 4130 CR

Snowscoot Eretic Slope V2

snowscoot eretic slope


Looking for a thrill on the slopes this winter? Discover the Snowscoot SLOPE V2 from Eretic! This snow scooter has what it takes to delight all winter sports enthusiasts. The Slope V2 is ideal for hurtling down off-piste slopes and performing tricks in the snowpark. The 6061 T6 aluminum deck has the ideal dimensions of 580mm x 140mm, making the Snowscoot Slope a truly unique product. Discover the Snowscoot SLOPE V2 from Eretic! This snow scooter has what it takes to delight all winter sports enthusiasts. The Slope model is ideal for hurtling down off-piste runs and performing tricks in snowparks.

The 6061 T6 aluminum deck has ideal dimensions of 580mm x 140mm, making the Snowscoot Slope easy to handle, perfect for tricks and generating incredible downhill speed. The fork is also made from 6061 T6 aluminum and is extremely strong to ensure maximum safety. The handlebar is a reinforced version, allowing the fork to retain its sturdiness while turning quickly and smoothly for tricks. The 720cm x 620cm chromoly bar is attached to a runner that offers excellent handling and impeccable grip on the slopes.

The Snowscoot Slope V2 is the ideal partner for riders looking for thrills even in the mountains, in the snow despite the wind. The two radial skis offer glide and speed you won’t soon forget. The front ski is slightly narrower (162cm) to facilitate steering and grip in the snow, while the rear ski is wider (172cm) to offer more surface area for optimal glide. The skis are smaller than those of the POWDER model for greater responsiveness and maneuverability. The Torx Lock system lets you lock the handlebars to prevent slipping off the bar.

Numerous improvements over the first version

  1. Pins on the deck for goofy and regular grip
  2. Deck is longer and wider for greater stability
  3. Higher handlebars

the Slope model has more compact skis, making it more suitable for both slopes and snowparks, which makes the snowscoot slope v2 more responsive and more enjoyable for freestyle tricks.
The fork pivot allows the front ski to adapt to bumps and tricks.

Technical data

  • Weight: 5.16kg
  • Bar height: 72cm
  • Bar width: 62cm
  • Deck length: 58cm
  • Deck width: 14cm
  • Deck angle: 81° degrees
  • Compression system: HIC
  • Aluminium 6061 T6 / 4130 CR pivotal fork system

Here’s a demo video to give you an idea of this model. For more information, please visit the Eretic website: http: //eretic-snowscoot.com/

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Snowscoot Eretic Slope V2 demo video
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