Snowscoot BlackMountain

Snowscoot Black Mountain

After producing the « Psycho » FL, FC, The first semi-rigid BlackMountain snowscoot appeared in 2012 with the Torik model and in 2013 with the Junior Torik FJ model (the boards are smaller than the average competing boards), it’s an answer to people looking for a compromise between the support and feel of a rigid snowscoot and the comfort of a suspended snowscoot. A clever blend of flexibility and stiffness. Sizes vary according to handlebar size

BlackMountain offers the following snowscoots:

  • tekno (full suspension)
  • psyko (full suspension)
  • parky (rigid)
  • torik (semi-rigid)

BlackMountain Psyko FX

Snowscoot Black Mountain Modèle Psyko FX
BlackMountain Psyko FX snowscoot

Technical data:

  • BlackMountain Snowscoot board : Avalanche
  • 6061 T4-T6 Double Butted aluminum frame
  • Rock Shox Race forks
  • Shocks: Rockshox Bar 2.1
  • Color: Orange
  • Weight: 12.2 kg
  • Board construction: 100% wood sandwich, red ABS sloped edge, bi-axial fiber topsheet, varnished finish,
  • Sole: Nano-carbon trench, black stone finish
  • Price: €2290

BlackMountain Torik FX

Snowscoot Black Mountain Torik FK
BlackMountain Torik FX snowscoot

Technical data:

  • Black aluminum handlebars : Size M (6.5)
  • Board
  • Rock Shox Monarch 165mm shock absorber
  • Fork: Rock Shox recon gold solo air 100mm
  • Board: Black Mountain Vector
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Selling price: 1900 €

The beginning of one story and the end of another

BlackMountain was founded in Strasbourg in 2004 by Philippe Lasala, and is a pioneering brand of full-suspension snowscoot that has revolutionized the field.
the distinctive feature of their snowscoots is that they feature a steel frame, a rock shox fork with mountain bike suspension and two shock absorbers.

This is a first in the snowscoot world, as suspensions didn’t even exist on classic models until the arrival of BlackMountain. The full-suspension snowscoot may be heavier, but the suspension provides unrivalled comfort and ease of handling, ideal for freeriding and hurtling down slopes at full speed off-piste.

Logo Black Mountain
BlackMountain logo

Strasbourg-based BlackMountain has been designing and selling full-suspension snowscoots since 2005. It’s no longer possible to buy a new BlackMountain snowscoot, as the Alsatian manufacturer closed its doors and stopped snowscoot production in 2016.

If you’d like to discover other snowscoot brands, take a look at :

  • JYKK (Japanese manufacturer, the world’s largest snowscoot producer)
  • Eretic (a brand that manufactures snow scooters)
  • Insane Toys (the brand behind the snowscoot)
  • Snowbaar (Czech manufacturer of snowscoots from A to Z)

Tribute video

Even if BlackMountain’s adventure has come to an end, snowscoot enthusiasts won’t forget the work this brand has done to help democratize the sport, whether in terms of events or models, each more original than the last, which have totally changed the approach and way of doing snowscooting. Triple world champion Fabien Cousinié gives us a lesson in elegance and speed on a BlackMountain in this tribute video.

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