pièces nécessaires pour le montage du snowscoot

Snowscoot assembly: 5 steps to assembly

You’ve received your snowscoot kit and want to assemble it? Our 4-step tutorial guides you step by step through the quick and easy assembly process.

Parts and tools needed to assemble your snowscoot

pièces et assemblage nécessaires à l'assemblage du snowscoot
  • ×1Leash
  • ×1Front board
  • ×9Rubber cylinder
  • ×1Rear board
  • ×7plastic mounting plug
  • ×1Handlebar
  • ×1multifunction tool
  • ×1Pair of handles
  • ×4foam plates (optional)
  • ×1IT Snowscoot frame set
  • ×9M6 screws
  • ×9insertion bolts
  • ×5M8 screws
  • ×5hex nuts
  • ×2footstrap brackets
  • ×1Footstrap

Step 1: The front board

Make sure the front board is on a flat surface to mount the 4 hex bolts.
Use super glue to hand-fit the hexagonal bolts into the front panel inserts (see photos).
Use the central inserts as shown!

montage des boulons hexagonaux sur la planche avant

Place the rubber cylinders on the hexagonal bolts. If you’ve done this once, you can now install the
foam plates (optional) as shown under the fork. Tighten the fork with 4 washers
and 4 lock nuts. After this, the fork should be centralized on the front board.

placer la fourche sur la planche avant

Step 2: The rear board

Make sure the rear board is flat to fit the 4 hexagonal bolts.
Use super glue to place the hexagonal bolts by hand in the rear board recesses (see images below), using the central nuts as shown in the image

montage des boulons hexagonaux sur la planche arrière

Place the rubber cylinders on the hexagonal bolts. If this is done once, you can install the optional foam plates as shown under the frame.

pose des cylindres en caoutchouc sur les boulons hexagonaux

Now place the frame on the backboard and use the holes as shown in the photo above.

fixation du cadre sur la planche arrière

Use the mutifunction tool to insert 4 flat washers and tighten 4 rear nuts to secure the frame to the backboard.

insertion des rondelles plates et serrage de 4 écrous pour fixer le cadre à la planche arrière

Make sure all nuts attached to the boards are securely screwed on. Fit the plastic mounting plugs to cover the holes.

pose des bouchons de montage en plastique pour couvrir les trous

Step 3: Footstrap and leash assembly

To install the foostrap, use the 4 M8 screws, nuts and footstrap support. On the right-hand side, install the part of the foostrap with the logo. You can choose between different foostrap positions, so it should be installed individually to suit the way you ride your snowscoot.

installation du foostrap

You can install the leash as shown in the photo or on the back of your snowscoot

leash attaché à l'arrière du snowscoot

Step 4: Assemble handlebars, grip and stem

Assemble the handlebars to the stem as shown in the photo. Be sure to tighten all
stem bolts for your safety. Handlebar adjustment is done separately.
Optional grips can be easily installed by removing the gold anodized end cap and the
grip clamps

assemblage du guidon, de la poignée et de la potence
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