Snowbaar: The Innovative Czech Snowscoot Manufacturer

The Czech brand SnowBaar is back in the spotlight with an evolution of its two models, Beaster and Snaker. The old models suffered from shortcomings in terms of weight, flex and board adaptability, but these problems have now been corrected in the new, innovative versions, and this season the brand intends to make its mark more widely in Europe with its 2 new models.

Snowbaar Beaster: The Freestyle snowscoot

The Snowbaar Beaster is a snowscoot dedicated to freeride, i.e. hurtling down snow-covered slopes at full speed. It has evolved over the last few years and is available in several versions: Classic, Pro, Race, World Cup, Ultimate, Gangster.

Snowbaar Beaster Classic

snowbaar beaster classic

The Classic series was designed for beginners. The frame geometry is based on the classic platform and is used for freestyle and snowpark tricks. This model has been entirely designed to make the snowscoot easy to handle at low speeds. The handlebar angle is more vertical, making it easy to perform tricks such as « Barspin » or « X-UP ». What’s important for beginners is to get good responsiveness from their snowscoot, which is why this model series is supplied with medium-hard skis. Microporous runners, with a hardness of 20 sHa, ensure the transmission between ski and frame. This model line is an ideal combination of high-quality, low-cost snowscooting, but it should be noted that the Classic series is not designed for big tricks and jumps, where the snowscoot may be overstretched.

Snowbaar Beaster Younger

snowbaar beaster younger

As its name suggests, the Snowbaar Beaster Younger is aimed at the youngest snowscooters (aged 5-10), and has joined the other snowscoots in the SnowBaaR family. The basic mission was to produce a model for the youngest snowscooters: a solid, lightweight steel construction, handlebars with industrial bearings and dimensions of 41.8x8x45x45° degrees, and a completely redesigned footstrap attachment system. The Younger is a smaller version of the Beaster classic, from which it takes the basic shapes and curves of the frame.

The most important components providing outstanding riding characteristics are without doubt the skis. A completely new board, designed so that the front and rear skis automatically create a single angle, and it offers the best shape for your skis. The sidewall construction of the skis is the same as on our top-of-the-range models. The raised front of the skis with a significantly higher leading edge ensures smooth control on the slopes.

Snowbaar Beaster Pro

snowbaar beaster pro

The PRO series is designed for more advanced riders who want their snowscoot to deliver maximum strength at a reasonable price. High-quality steel with a diameter of 2.4 cm ensures unrivalled strength. The frame structure is based on a medium-wide surface for even more precise control in turns. The angle of the handlebars is more perpendicular, which is why the Beaster PRO is a sportier model and will considerably improve your performance, especially in snowparks. Microporous shock absorbers reliably dampen any unwanted vibrations at the junction of frame and skis. Thanks to its hardness, the frame immediately transmits the rider’s slightest movement to the skis, which respond with unprecedented precision. The PRO series comes with new skis. The rear ski has dual hardness. The softer part enables faster control, while the harder part at the front keeps the snowscoot on the piste and on course.

Snowbaar Beaster Race

This series has been designed as a completely new concept for maximum use in snowparks and on downhill courses. The Snaker RACE is lighter, sturdier and stronger, and forms a perfect whole with its raw design. The Snaker RACE easily absorbs powder thanks to its light weight. The new, lower frame shape (this model’s frame is 60 cm lower) lowers the center of gravity for unprecedented precision and ease of control. The ergonomic, sturdy frame is designed for freeride riding, offering the rider maximum strength and precise control.

Its design is accompanied by a number of innovations that contribute to the riding performance of this model series. One of these is the conical shape of the rear section. This means the frame follows the exact contours of the rear ski. Wherever he stands on the frame, he always gets the most precise response and can react immediately to irregularities on the slopes. The new lower part of the frame (4 cm for this model) adapts perfectly to the rider’s hands and has greatly influenced overall behavior and handling. The reinforced frame and its central reinforcement offer maximum strength and prevent unwanted deformation, thus forming a single compact unit. Height-adjustable spindles (0 – 12 mm) keep the rider’s boots firmly in place and maximize their grip, even in the deepest snow. The riding sensation becomes smoother and the rider can concentrate fully on the race.

Snowbaar Beaster World Cup

snowbaar beaster world cup

The SnowBaar World Cup range is designed for the most demanding riders. With all its sophisticated details and original overall design, it’s the jewel in the crown of the SnowBaar company. Its sturdy frame is made of high-quality thin-walled steel for maximum strength and light weight. The hand-crafted handlebar differs from its RACE-series sibling in its slightly sloping shape, and is reinforced by two crossbars for maximum strength. The fork has undergone a minor but very important modification in the form of two opposing reinforcements in the most stressed areas, ensuring that the front end of the snowscoot will be able to cope with heavy impacts without sustaining damage.

Snowbaar Beaster Gangster

snowbaar beaster gangster

The unique shape of the carbon-fiber skis, a sturdy suspension fork and a unique design are the main attributes of the SnowBaaR Gangster. As its name suggests, the « GANGSTER » series likes to be challenged, even in the most difficult and extreme conditions. Its main asset is, without doubt, the suspension fork, which opens up new possibilities for snowscooters. An air and oil chamber is used to ensure that the spring and damping performance of the suspension fork does not change in cold weather. The fork’s firmness is ensured by an air spring combined with 3.2 cm forks. The oil shock absorber lets you adjust the rebound speed. The bracket is attached to the fork by a 15 cm thru axle.

As the frame follows the Freeride concept, the head angle is set at 69° degrees. The shorter handlebars, which were intended for snowscoot use with a suspension fork, are supported by a frame with two central tubes… Maximum comfort is guaranteed by 30 adjustable pins (0 – 12 cm) that keep boots firmly in place in all situations. The skis on this model have been completely modified, both in terms of internal structure and overall shape. Sidewall construction has been used for the sides of the skis. The wooden body is reinforced with carbon fiber at both ends. The unique new shape of the skis, whose tips are 30 cm higher than those of ordinary skis, prevents the snowscoot from sinking too deeply into the snow and allows for a smooth ride.

Snowbaar Sneaker: the freeride snowscoot

snowscoot snowbaar snaker gangster

The Snowbaar Sneaker snowscoot range is designed for freeriding : that is, hurtling down slopes at full speed for a smooth, enjoyable ride. Here are the different versions of this model.

Snowbaar Snaker Classic

snowbaar snaker classic

The Classic series has been designed for beginner riders. Ideal for freeride and off-piste riding. The emphasis is on fluidity and suppleness of handling, and what’s essential for beginners is to get optimum responsiveness from their snowscoot, which is why this model series is equipped with medium-hard skis. The microporous runners provide the link between ski and frame. This model line is an ideal combination of high-quality snowscoot and affordable price, but it should be noted that the Classic line is not designed for freestyle and big tricks.

Snowbaar Snaker Pro

snowbaar snaker pro

The Snaker Pro series is built on a new structure, offering riders a very comfortable yet dynamic ride, even at the most extreme speeds, thanks to its overall length of 164cm. The frame is made of high-quality thin-walled steel, which not only makes it much lighter, but also increases the frame’s strength even in the most extreme zones. The 67°-degree handlebar angle holds the road perfectly, allowing riders to change bends without the slightest resistance from the handlebars. The integrated headset, fitted with 41.8x45x45° degree industrial bearings, ensures very comfortable cornering. New microporous waterproof glides with a hardness of 60 sHa uniquely absorb ski vibrations without unwanted lateral tilt. This is remarkably reflected in the precision of the turns, and the slightest movement of the rider is immediately transferred smoothly:

Snowbaar Snaker Race

snowbaar snaker race

The new construction of the ski body makes the rear of the ski more supple, which is a great advantage when turning, riding, jumping and performing tricks. The handlebars are fitted with professional grips made by PROlog, which not only feel good in the hand, but are also made of a breathable material that wicks away moisture remarkably well and provides a perfect grip on the rider’s gloves, even in poor weather conditions.

Snowbaar Snaker World Cup

snowbaar snaker world cup

The Snowscoot Snaker World Cup range is designed for the most meticulous riders. Every detail has been perfected, and the overall design is atypical. The sturdy frame is made from high-grade thin-walled steel and is built for maximum reliability and low weight. The hand-formed handlebars are reinforced by two crossbars that provide strength in difficult areas. 28 individually adjustable pins (0 – 12 mm), symmetrically distributed on the footstrap, keep your shoes in place even in bad weather, avoiding the undesirable sensation of a slippery surface. The footstrap reinforcement material has been replaced by a new PVC material, which retains its trapezoidal shape. The Snowscoot Snaker World Cup is particularly suited to freeride and ski slopes.

Snowbaar Snaker Ultimate

snowbaar snaker ultimate

The Snowscoot SnowBaaR Snaker Ultimate is based on a new platform using even lighter high-strength steel. The total weight of the frame, including skis, has been reduced to an incredible 10 kilograms. The generally more harmonious design has been made possible not only by the original handlebar concept, but also by the position of the rear frame with more refined angles. The product is 25 cm longer than its workshop-designed cousins. The top plate has been lengthened by 8 pins on each side. It offers the user better grip and an unprecedented feeling of stability on the steepest slopes. The new CrMo 9.5″ handlebars, with a total width of 740 mm and a dead weight of 650 g, offer an ideal grip and are equipped with safety grips.

Snowbaar Snaker Gangster

snowbaar snaker gangster

Do you want to experience extreme carving with handlebars that touch the snow on the piste, or sneak into deep powder with maximum ease? Then the Snowscoot Snowbaar Snaker Gangster is for you. This time around, we set ourselves the difficult task of designing a model that would challenge riders and their tight turns. It was obvious that to achieve this goal, we needed a well-balanced machine that would remain maneuverable even at 80 km/h. The Snowbaar Gangster received a completely new ski shape and a completely new frame design.

Compared to previous models, both skis are 9 cm longer and feature a carving style with the front and rear skis aligned. To set the center of gravity at the most precise height, the skis are equipped with 5 rows of inserts. Handlebar angle is 66°. Thanks to this design, the skis can easily withstand extreme shocks during the tightest turns. The recognized concept of a suspension fork is another important factor contributing significantly to the possibility of a fast, yet controllable ride.

The Snowbaar brand of snowscooters is renowned for its quality and reliability. For over 10 years, Snowbaar has established a reputation for producing quality snowscoots at affordable prices. They make snowscoots designed for a variety of riding styles and skill levels, for beginners and experts alike. The Snowbaar snowscoot is designed to offer a more comfortable and safer ride. The snowscoots are built with robust materials for optimum durability and reliability. They also feature innovative technologies such as spring suspension and intuitive controls for a smoother, easier-to-control ride. What’s more, the Snowbaar brand offers a complete range of accessories and spare parts to suit all riding styles

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