Snowscoot competition: the different disciplines

The various snowscoot disciplines are as follows:

Boarder Cross

photo de deux rider de snowscoot qui font du border cross
  • Also known as Scooter Cross, Boarder X, Scooter X, this is the ultimate event in which 4 to 6 riders compete.
  • Boarder Cross takes place on a course dotted with bumps, double bumps, banked turns, woops, tables, etc. … .
  • The event comprises 3 qualifying rounds, during which points are awarded according to finishing positions.
  • The top 16 riders are selected for the quarter-finals, with this number increased to 24 in the case of Boarder X 6. From the finals onwards, half the riders qualify for the next stage of the competition.


Photo d'un Rider qui effectue un compétition de Descente Chronométrée à snowscoot
  • All riders compete on the same course.
  • Each rider completes 2 runs and keeps the best of both times.
  • The course can be laid out in a natural sector and/or include added modules and gates.


Photo d'une compétition de snowscoot freestyle
  • Riders take to the course over a huge bump, one after the other, to perform tricks and jumps.
  • Each competitor completes 3 passes, during which the style, amplitude and difficulty of the tricks performed are graded.
  • The rider with the most points after 3 passes wins the event.

The Derby

Photo de 3 riders de snowscoot se préparant a une course de derby
  • This event takes place on a set or unset course.
  • Riders complete the course at the same time.
  • At the start line, competitors have one knee on the ground, 5 meters from their snowscoot.
  • The start is given when the firecracker explodes, and the first to cross the finish line wins the event.

Dual Slalom

Photo d'un rider sur une compétition de dual slalom lors du championnat de France de snowscoot
  • The Dual Slalom is a duel on two parallel courses.
  • A blue course and a red course, both dotted with pegs and easy jumps.
  • The two riders compete successively once on the blue course and once on the red.
  • The best rider takes on the next competitor, while the worst rider is eliminated.
  • The winner is the rider who is not eliminated.


Photo de deux riders effectuant pendant un compétition de Le Scoot-Cross

An event that takes place on a specially shaped boarder-cross track, the Scoot-Cross is a 700-meter race between future champions. Based on the principle of a four-man chase. Snowscooters throw themselves into turns and obstacles, battling to be the fastest.


Rider de snowscoot qui fait du freeride
  • This is freedom par excellence.
  • It’s mostly done off-piste on a blanket of powdery snow.
  • There are no limits other than the rider’s own, no lines, just fluidity and intense communion with the mountain.
  • Freeride is mainly practiced outside competition.
  • It’s compulsory to wear an avalanche beacon.

The Kilomètre Lancé or Kl

  • The Kl takes place in a specially prepared straight line.
  • Competitors race down the slope one after the other, with the sole aim of passing the timing cell as quickly as possible.

The official world snowscoot speed record of 168.382 km/h was set in Vars Chabrières (74) by Frenchman Corentin Desbois in 2017.

The Bunny Up

  • Each competitor must jump with little momentum over a horizontal bar.
  • Elimination is direct from the fall of the bar.
  • When all competitors have passed, the height of the bar is raised, and so on.
  • The last competitor to drop the bar wins the event.

Other competitions include dual-cross and Big-Air.

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